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Hot Dog Brands

  • Allen Brothers
  • Aaron's Rubashkin's
  • Abeles & Haymann
  • Best's
  • Boars Head
  • Blue Seal
  • Berks Foods
  • Dietz & Watson
  • Empire National
  • Farmland Hot Dogs
  • International Glatt
  • Grote & Weigel
  • Hartmann's Wieners
  • Hatfield Hot Dogs
  • Hebrew National
  • Hillshire
  • Hoffman Sausage
  • Hummel's Bros.
  • Koegel's
  • Klement's
  • Kocher's
  • Kunzler's
  • Lutz's Pork Store
  • Martin Rosol's
  • Maple Leaf
  • Miesfields
  • Muckes
  • Nathan's Famous
  • Pearl
  • Sabrett
  • Sahlen's
  • Saags Franks
  • Saugy
  • Schickhaus
  • Smith's Provision Co.
  • Tobins
  • Thumann's Franks
  • Union Pork Store
  • Usinger's
  • Vienna Beef
  • Windmill

Hot Dog Brands

A Hot Dog is not just a Hot Dog.

To meet with the most unbelievable experience of the perfect Hot Dog one must start with the Hot Dog. It is my belief that there may never be a perfect Hot Dog. Between the Hot Dog Buns, the Hot Dog brand, how the Hot Dog is prepared and the topping of your choice, it is possible to have a few different favorites. With dozens of different brand hot dogs and toppings it's near impossible to find only one perfect hot dog.

Below is the findings of a private survey of their opinion of the top 20 hot dog brands. I go on record by saying it is only an opinion. We are trying to give as many facts possible so you can have your opinion through experiencing.

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Koegel Frankfurter
Flint, Michigan

Empire National
Brooklyn, New York

Englewood, New Jersey

Saugy Inc.
Brooklyn, New York

Erie, Pennsylvania

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